When using wireless method (wirelessTFC), there are times that  excessive buffering occurs; why is that?

There are many reasons for buffering when using wirelessTFC. Low or poor radio (wireless) signal  is usually the major cause of the WirelessTFC buffering (assuming everything else is OK with the home network and internet speed).  This could be more because of different reasons: TFC box is too far from the wireless router, thick walls, faulty wireless router, bad internet connections or radio signal interference from other wireless devices such as cordless phones or even microwaves. Sometimes too, wireless routers cannot handle many wireless connection at a time or the speed is being shared and therefore lower speed allocation for each devices.

Here are some suggestions:

Make sure you test the TFCko or TFCnow box using the wired connection.  Let us not blame the wireless TFC connection needlessly.  If you are experiencing the same, then either it is a internet connection, network quality (most probably a sub-standard router) or faulty network module on the TFC box (seldom but happens). You may need assistance from a professional IT person to help you determine this, preferably someone with good knowledge with TFC. 

Test your signal using a laptop where your TFC is installed.  If the signal is weak then TFC will definitely have trouble maintaining connection too.  Therefore ...buffering.  So, you need to move the TFC box or the wireless router closer (which ever is more convenient).  Some times, wireless routers has some configurations that allows you to increase the radio signal.  Playing with the settings help or buying a newer and more powerful wireless router.  When purchasing a wireless router, check the specs about range (specially for wireless B and G).  The longer the range, the more powerful the signal.  You may want to consider looking into getting a wireless router that is capable of having simultaneous connection or dedicate a wireless router for TFC use only.  This is actually better because, you may want to have secure connection with your laptops or other wireless devices.

Also, do not put your wireless devices close to microwave.  When microwave is at work, it does create some signal interference.  This should not suppose to be but it does happen.

Wireless TFC is still the best way to connect your TFC box  and to get most value of your Pinoy channel (TFC) investment.

If you need help on troubleshooting or configuring wireless network connection (Wifi or aka WLAN) , please call an experience IT proffessional. It will save you headaches and frustration and you would enjoy your TFC much faster.