Do you wonder why your computer keeps getting slower?
Worried about losing important files / data?
Worried about information theft / identity theft?
 Here are some of the culprits:
  • malware or virus
  • spyware
  • too many unnecessary softwares installed
  • fragmented and bad hard drive
  • degraded hardware
  • unoptimized registry
  • corrupted files
  • slow  internet connection
 Most of the reasons above can be fixed and avoided with the proper knowledge and maintenance.

A slow performing computer is just one of the concerns for anyone who has a computer / laptop.  There are  BIGGER concerns:
  • possibility of losing important files and data due to virus and malware
  • information theft and identity theft due to spyware and malware
Each concern stated above has its own adverse impact.

Lost of important data can be devastating and frustrating.  Many memories have been destroyed. Recovering documents could be time consuming  and expensive.

Information and identity theft cause the most severe consequences.  Stolen identity may cause financial loss and may put you on unexpected debts.
 What YOU can do:
  • install anti-virus and anti-spyware
  • run an anti-virus and anti-virus scan  routinely
  • have a professional inspect your system routinely or when you suspect your system is infected

What WE can do:

  • clean and dust computer
  • remove spyware and virus
  • defrag and scandisk
  • optimize computer
  • remove unnecessary applications

Packages we offer:

1.  One Year Pre-paid Regular Maintenance
2.  On Demand Maintenance
3.  On Demand Repairs (Applicable parts surcharge may apply.)

Above packages may be done as:
1.  Drop-Off
2.  Pick-up (Applicable gas surcharge apply.)
2.  Onsite (Applicable gas surcharge apply.)

 Here are some Featured FREE software: