TFCko is the best Filipino Entertainment at your finger tips with over 10,000 hours of TV programming.

TFCko is a video on demand (VOD) platform that allows you to watch your favorites shows and teleseries when ever you want as many times as you want.

TFCko allows you to pause, fast forward and rewind much like a DVD player with high quality features and sound.

Movies,  Video on Demand, News, Specials, live Radio and even Karaoke are just a few of other features that TFCko can bring to your home at  no extra cost. 

Drama, Comedies, News, Sports are just a few of the sub-categories of the Video on Demand of the TFCko.

Many people has invested on their entertainment center by purchasing expensive TV and sound systems to have the best viewing experience. TFCko is easy to hook up so TV programming are delivered straight to your TV so that you can take advantage of your existing entertainment systems.  It can hook up to not so new TV as well using the RCA connectors.

Your remote control is your magic wand to navigate the easy to understand menu system of the TFCko.

Take advantage of its wireless capabilities so there would be no messy wirings around your entertainment center. Even though ABS-CBN global, company that delivers TFCko products and services will not officially support it, there are many using this technology without any issues. Just another method to enhance your TV experience. Checkout the unofficial site for wireless installation and setup for instructions and troubleshooting  the TFCko IPTV box.

TFCko requires a high speed internet connections, at least 1 MBps speed but a higher speed at least 2 MBps will be the perfect speed to have better viewing experience but normally costs more if you purchase it through leading internet service provider (ISP) such as Bell and Rogers.  However, there are many that are affordable and better alternatives like what my company is offering. See High Speed Internet section on this website for more information.

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  • Watch on TV
  • Remote Control
  • Video on demand capabilities
  • DVD Player feature
  • Easy hook up
  • Wireless connection capable
  • Over 10, 000 hours of TV programming
  • Variety of choices: Drama, Teleseries, News, Sports, Specials (recorded concerts, events), karaoke
For more detailed benefits, head to TFCko Features & Benefits 

Note(s):  *
  • Local Pickup is no longer available
  • Professional installation extra
  • Plus applicable taxes
  • $30.00/month subscription fee with 1 year contract
  • Buyer owns TFCko box
  • High Speed Internet is required
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